HHI 23″ 26″ 30″ Weld On Neck Rake Kit – $1,329.05

HHI Weld On Neck Rake Builders Kit

HHI now offers a weld-on replacement neck section for bagger/touring models. This piece provides correct frame geometry for installing a 23″, 26″, or 30″ wheel when installed with our FL raked triple trees. Trees are available in machine or black anodized finish. We provide this as a kit with our trees and correct extensions / inserts for the applications listed in the options below. Other parts mentioned below are sold separately.

Trees work with all 1987 and up Bagger/ touring models with standard late model ignition location.

2014 and up kits are now available for all touring models.

Builders Kit Features  

The frame neck rake kit weld on piece adds 9 degrees on the 26″ and 30″ kit, 7 degrees on the 23″ kit.

NOTE:   7 degree neck and 9 degree trees for a 26″ wheel install. This combination is available in the options near bottom of this page.

(Factory Frame Rake=  26 degrees)
Factory Triple Tree rake is 4 degrees. Our trees are a 12 degrees for the 30″ kit, 9 degrees for the 26″ kit and, 7 degrees on the 23″ kit for a total of 7 degrees.

This kit can be installed with the motor in the frame (well protected during welding & painting of course). However, it doesn’t take much more to pull the motor allowing a full color match paint job on the frame.

Using our kit the neck is extended 1.5” forward and 1” up on both the 30″ and 26″ kit. (The 23″ kit extends 1″ forward and 1″ up.)

The total resultant rake using our neck rake builders kit is 40 degrees for a 23″ wheel, 44 degrees for a 26″ wheel, and 47 degrees for a 30″ wheel.

The resultant trail will provide proper handling at both low and hi speed.

Roadglide Models: The HHI inner fairing mounting bracket in this kit has been modified & extended to allow adequate clearance for the triple trees. Choose the Roadglide option in the options below to include our fairing mount bracket.

Our neck Rake Builders Kit contains Triple Trees, weld-in piece, inserts/extensions, and template only. Other parts mentioned are SOLD SEPARATELY.
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The chart below provides the entire list of required parts needed to convert Roadglide, Streetglide, Ultra Classic, and Roadking models from stock wheel to a 23″ ,26″, or 30″ wheel. (Contact us for 32″ & 34″ size wheels)  Parts numbers and links to these parts are provided as well. These parts are sold separately.

Starting at: $1,192.25

From: $1,325.09

 23″ Wheel26″ Wheel30″ Wheel
Neck Rake Builders Kit
(ships with proper length extension / insert
2008 and Earlier
2009 and Up
Standard insert / Extension (1.17″)
2008 and Earlier
2009 and Up
+1″ insert / extension (2.17″)
2008 and Earlier
2009 and Up
+2″ insert / extension (3.17″)

Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Additional information

Weight30 lbs

Raw, Black Anodized (+$60.00)

Wheel Option

23"wheel 08 and earlier, 23"wheel 2009-2013, 26"wheel 08 and earlier, 26"wheel 2009-2013, 30"wheel 08 and earlier, 30"wheel 2009-2013, 26"wheel 2014 and newer (+$24.00), 23"wheel 2014 and newer (+$24.00), 30"wheel 2014 and newer (+$24.00)


Yes (+$240.00), No