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Become a motorcycle dealer for the world’s baddest bagger company. If you are interested in becoming a distributor or reseller for Unlimited Bagger please fully complete the application below and fax the completed form to 951-898-6461 or email to If you have any questions prior to completing the application or want to determine the details, please contact us today.

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Authorized Unlimited Bagger Dealers sell the most innovative, bad ass, motorcycle parts on the planet. We offer some of best margin in the business.

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International Customers – If your business is located outside the United States and you would like to make an order or change a current order. Please download the form and fill in your order or change order. Speed by Design requires all international customers to fill in this form. This helps Speed by Design to keep an accurate record of communication with our customers.



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Simple Facts About Our Products and Why You Would Want to Become A Dealer

From the desk of Coby Klein

Attention dealers! A few things to keep in mind, we use nothing but the highest quality products throughout our manufacturing process. Secondly, we offer some of the largest margins in the industry! Please think of Speed By Design when it comes to your custom Bagger needs!

We use nothing but the highest quality products throughout our whole design and build process. In the manufacturing business, quality materials are extremely important. When cheap resins and fillers are used in designing parts, the parts move and slightly change shapes before you even take a mold off of them. These effects can multiple throughout the entire manufacturing process. For example, when you use those same cheap products to make your molds from the original part, the molds will eventually move around on you. And again when you use the cheap materials to make your parts in the mold, then your finish part will move around as well only multiplying the shitty fit by three times. These imperfections in the finish parts will end up costing you more in body work to make them fit. More body work will result in more labor hours. Cheaper resins and materials = cheaper parts. The reason other companies use these cheap materials is they cure fast, the faster they cure and the less the materials cost, the cheaper they can make parts. You have seen these parts, bags that are warped so bad lids don’t fit and don’t even look the same from left to right, and side covers that don’t fit up to the frame and won’t even fit plush to the bags. We highly recommend before you buy any companies parts, that you do your research and find out how much money you will spend in body work. Speed By Design is confident that you will save money on the body work.

Don’t be fooled by the guys that do this only to increase their margins. At Speed by Design this does not fly. We use high grade resins with less styrene which equals less shrinking and longer cure times but much straighter parts. Fact is we spend much more time tooling them and spend more money building them. So it saves you time and labor on your build. You will also get the longevity in these parts, they won’t change shapes, cracks or blisters down the line. Our parts will fit like we say they do or you simply return them for what you paid us.

I am Coby Klein and you will not find a higher quality product on the market, we do not cut corners. Our team and I will always give you our best work, we are proud of what we do. We will always give you the personal service you deserve and answer the questions you have, we answer the phones and do not avoid them.

Again for any reason if you aren’t 100% satisfied simply return to us undamaged. Please don’t hesitate to contact us when you are ready to make your next purchase or if you have any questions or concerns. Be sure to think of us during your next build. Please feel free to refer to our website for more information. I have attached our price sheet for your information.

With respect,

Coby Klein
Owner of Speed By Design